“If it’s forever than it can take that long.”
My girl Anna Baker on true love + marriage.
Santa Barbara + I

Santa Barbara + I

The sky got pinker as she got sicker
I sang songs against the clouds above our heads
I dread now to say my lady is far away…today


of www

I got one thousand friends
Who tend to pretend the wonder years won’t end.

Do I appeal to only me?
The World Wide Web makes fun of me
I count too few people to swim in my pool
Wishing that my thoughts about the times could make me cool

Foolery is finest when I’m surfing the web
Every time I try to make myself a little better
I succumb to mad machinery
And everyone’s afraid of me
Cause all of my beliefs are not like theirs
Intolerance is silent so it seems
There is only one way to care
I gotta stop feeding the monster
Cause when I poke my name inside this qualifier
I choke so low…
Feed my ego
Alleviate my ego
Massage my ego
And set me free!

They wanna know my misery
That’s the pocket I’ve been sticking in
That’s how I got to sing the blues
When my network heard the news:
Mama is not here no more
And Life is scarier than before
Is this what they wanna hear from me?
Sold my soul to technological eternity…
So I sit in this corner of the internet
Trying to forget that I’m still here
Perhaps I’m there
Share with me your memories
No need to post or update me
Cause you get lost in all the words
like hummingbirds…

Digitial Lightspeed
That’s how I read my

I gotta stop feeding the monster
Cause when I poke my name inside this qualifier
I choke so low..
Feed my ego
Alleviate my ego
Massage my ego
And set me free!

“Solvitur ambulando.”
It is solved by walking. (via invisiblestories)

my sexy steez
brings me to
my fucking knees
if just to please
the man I love 

Prophets are the young folk punching
for a bruising of the heart in exchange for
pounded purple eyes
See, violence is a quiet thing
it purrs like dancing fingers
miming in disguise

And as I check up on myself
the numbers never change.
the dollar’s up but I’m still down
I’ve lost all count
Have I grown intrinsically deranged?

I feel like I’ve been digesting shards of mirrored glass
as people say the things they say
to parrots who continue to nip me in the ass
because innocence is the highest bid, these days.

What I believe to you is virtually wrong
but if it’s typed and never said
how can I be denied a will to be different in a song?

Young man Yellow was a very musical fellow
he walks the streets as barefoot as beasts
through Venetian canals dusted with California yeast…
He sang the sax like a movie star in scraps
I loved him so fast, 
Then placed a fresh bottle of water in his lap.

It’s all I had, though my attention made him glad
"those ears are all I need", to notice is the deed
I failed to feed the man with greed…

Here is to our never agains
and the eyes I beheld as stars do fade
I fear to lose a stranger’s love
for jaded encounters leave desperate hearts unpaid.

I am as black as a chalk board left with traces of finger prints that never really go away.  Powdered up and dusty, ruined yet every one seems to come and play.  Despite the coarse sound they claw into me, I am more resilient than a mirror ever can and will be.  You see a reflection just bounces and I internalize all the things I’ve been impacted by to decipher foolery from what is wise.  

I am not satisfied with my social interactions with people lately because I fear they like my internet alias more than I do…as if no one really knows who I really am anymore. I am losing sight of myself too—too distracted by the spectacle of it all, failing to function at the primitive level because everyone I love hides behind their screens like a colander that keeps the water out.

Sometimes I close my hands 
and pray to the void in you.
I find my freedom in a rhyme
And in your eyes.
Send me far.
Keep me safe.
And if you want to test me,
I’ll try my best.
In these words I declare myself a vessel
For the rest of time!
Sing to me a lullaby of Giant’s Causway…
Away, away, come sail away!
oo oo oo oo oo oo 
Sing me home.

Shadow like a Rodin

Shadow like a Rodin