Like the wave
I’ll behave
I swear

"relationship notes" by: this romantic rookie

Sociopath versus learning to love somebody very deeply
Live/talk on the feeling to prevent from roll over avalanched emotions thatll leave him high and dry and thinking youre crazy
Cause he’s gotta love your crazy
Dualities: love and hate, night and day, anxious and excited
Physical connection first
Maybe its worth working on
Take responsibility for your part
And have a conversation without a solution. U may be deeply surprised by the level of intimacy
I dont want to lose you

Gram: “Do u do close dancing”
Me: “What do u mean?”
Gram: “Oh, u know, cheek to cheek.”
Me: “of course!”


Me: “Ur such a snoop!”
Gram: “Thats why I’m so smart”

Crazy how things don’t work out so that other things can.

"YOU CAN’T WISH AWAY YOUR FEELINGS" said the Century Tree to me

I could use another Winston to pass this mindless pain
But cigarettes won’t let me forget that my age has caged me into being careful and sane
To wake up screaming from a dream to a real scene of nightmared themes
Is like a song I hum to occupy my brain
It is now my excuse to be alone it seems

Doomed by streetlamp hues I choose to sleep on cue till it dims to clear by the morning dew to keep me still like slumber in the night, so unencumbered by who i am afraid pedestrians wish for me to be when I flee from their sight: a tiny twirling shayna, boxed up shut up like dismal 9 to 5s. Ive done nothing to deserve how gawked at i feel, to shock them all when not so nicely do I feel. Do they all keep me locked up in their thoughts so it all might be okay as I should constantly be caring for what I am about to say? But letting go to finally show what pop is bubbling up inside my gut: I drive my religion nuts by challenging this drought and rut I cannot shed because I never have read the great big book from a to zedd.

I miss the earth already

Goodbye is such a thrilling feeling
Should I know how it’s supposed to go
And if someday I shall be fleeting
In dreams of me
Plant yourself
And grow

Youll be safe with me
As time destroys her

Flirting w the sun to keep my distance for some time
Its getting hot down here
We’ve fucked the atmosphere
And ive placed my fear inside the locket near my heart
Counting down the years
With both hands clenching my pockets
The end is near my dears

Maybe when we drown the clouds will pick us up again
Into the air we’ll spend our afternoons licking the moon mud off our spoons
My perfect date would be spent on a star
From far away we’ll watch Ma twirl
Exchanging sammies at her sight
With nothing left for us to do: without our world
Twilight has blessed w a deep night view

The stars are like the scars on the black skin of the night
Though they are dead they still blink light into our sight
To cause a fuss as she combusts
with eyes closed shut

what terrific terror shall come to us
and if earth mother must drown this rust
We must find comfort in becoming swimming specks of dripping dust


Batch 1/2 of some sketches I’ve done over the years.  All scanned charcoal and pencil drawings with minimal digital manipulation.  I cleaned up background smudges and resaturated the blacks, in one case paint-bucketed the background black.  Many are based off of photographs I’ve come across or taken myself, others are just doodles.  

letting my songs speak for themselves as food and failing relationships do in this love swamp that’s taking form into a malleable surrender hush-worthy and anxious, like homeless homies murmuring against the brush of a bustling morning in the village so grey (as I pass, I honor to put my phone down and away) all the while remembering my man is dreaming nightmares in the bed we share to wake up brand new and separate lust from impudent dares and our erroneous cares. I swear, everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Paralyze me, Love
Sink into me please
There are so many places
I need to be
But instead I choose to watch your tears freeze.

Realize my love, my darling
Sigh to cry and know I’m here
Smile for you, I am your Judy Garland
Help me, help you moan to make things clear.

Many moons ago, oh, I told you so
Go away with me
Run away with me
Move to pastures green as life appeared to be
Oh, I wanna see it all with you.

If you could go anywhere
Explore the depths of everywhere
My love, with me
Come and set me free….

Realize my love, my darling
Sigh to cry and know I’m here
Smile for you, I am your Judy Garland
Help me, help you moan to make things clearer

Spend the night with me tonight
To cheers this year of loving hard with all of our might
But I still sleep once a week by your side
All the while, you still know that your my guy….

Oh, I love your eyes when they stay wide for me
Oh, I love your eyes when they stay wide for me

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I feel much too young to be saying the things I have
But I get bad when you set me that way
And you like it like that, you love me like that

(Source: untitled-1991)